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Apple Black Tea

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Apple Black Tea An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apple Black Tea consists of high grade Yunnan Black Tea leaves infused with apple. The black tea leaves are striped black leaves with an apple tart scent. The black tea comes through but does not interfere with the delightfulness of the caramel apple taste. This is a wonderful dessert tea. When infused, the tea liquid is bright agate, a brown-red, hue. The tea has a crispy aroma and a subtle, sweet flavor when hot, but a faint aroma and sweet, tart flavor once it has cooled.

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  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Well-known to revitalize, invigorate, and energize the senses




High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Authentic apple
Reviewed by gmathis on 12/22/12
This carefully scented and flavored black tea leaves your taste buds feeling like you've just crunched on a chilled Granny Smith apple.
Nice surprise
Reviewed by Sandi on 9/1/12
I got the free sample and love it. Nice apple flavor. Will order again
Really Like
Reviewed by Lynn on 2/20/12
I really was hesitant to order this tea. I really liked it though! A light apple flavor compliments the black tea. Will definitely order again.
Reviewed by Kristen on 2/19/12
When I first opened the package, I was overwhelmed with the smell of apple! The flavor of the apple in the tea is wonderful and blends very well.
Stepping right
Reviewed by Austin on 2/18/12
I enjoy the apple tea, but I find that it becomes bitter very quickly. Steeping it for a shorter period of time definitely helps, but it's very hard to find that perfect balance between not enough and too much.
Great Iced
Reviewed by Elizabeth on 2/17/12
Honestly, I tried this one out of curiosity-- apples and tea seem like a strange combination. I did think it was a little strange when I tried it hot, but brewed strongly and poured over ice, it was quite pleasant, especially with a little honey.
great discovery
Reviewed by Deanna on 2/15/12
I picked this up with an eye to blending it for just a bit of apple tang in my favourite black teas, but discovered it was fantastic on its own. Based on previous reviews I expected the apple flavour to be weaker or more subtle, but I found it strong but not overpowering--almost perfectly balanced for my taste. Enjoyed it best hot with a touch of milk and sugar.
Worth a try
Reviewed by Shelly on 2/14/12
Can't go wrong with this one. It's very good warm or chilled. It also goes well with many other tea blends.
Very relaxing
Reviewed by Melissa on 2/12/12
So delicious! It's not got as strong of an apple flavor as I expected. It's very subtle and delicious. Very relaxing.
Reviewed by Gina on 2/10/12
This tea is great with milk and sugar, the apple flavor is apparent but not overpowering. I bet this would be great cold!
Reviewed by Lynn on 2/8/12
Great apple flavor, and no sour apple flavor at all. Almost tastes like hot apple cider with the right amount of honey added. Worth a try if you like apple flavored tea.
Reviewed by Rachel on 2/6/12
Nice refreshing flavor that comes out more as tea cools...Much better taste of apple as an iced tea..very refreshing
Reviewed by Bruce on 2/5/12
This one is our favorite. We gifted this tea as our wedding favor, and many asked where we got the tea from. Even better flavor with a thin slice of green apple. Also great with just right amount of honey added.
I love this tea
Reviewed by Jessica on 2/3/12
This is by far the best tasting apple tea that I have come across, and I have searched far and wide for one worth reordering. Will definitely buy again!
Great gift
Reviewed by oldtimetealover on 6/25/11
As I searching this site hoping to buy enough to take advantage of the free shipping, I found this tea. This site has some great combinations that I never thought would be in teas. I did not drink it myself, but gave it to my sister who said that she loves drinking it in the morning. I guess tea can be a great gift. Thanks!
craving sweets
Reviewed by Alaina on 3/3/11
The apple black tea is delicious. It is sweet but not too sweet and full of flavor.
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