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Milk Black Tea

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Milk Black Tea is our select Yunnan Black Tea leaves scented with evaporated milk. The black tea leaves are striped dark green leaves, tightly curled and fragranced with evaporated milk. This tea has a pleasant aroma and a smooth and creamy flavor. The Milk Black Tea combination is simply elegant, providing you with a balanced cup.

Black Tea Instructions



  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Well-known to revitalize, invigorate, and energize the senses




High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

My New Favorite!
Reviewed by Siouxzie on 10/13/13
Very smooth and yummy. It seems especially nice now that the weather is getting cooler!
Reviewed by Debbie on 5/20/13
Just had a cup of this made with your monk fruit powder instead of sugar. Delicious! Sweet and creamy.
Milky & Delicious
Reviewed by Leah on 1/26/13
I adore Hong Kong Milk Tea, but it's pretty heavy on the calories and expensive to boot. This tea is a PERFECT solution to that! It's so creamy and milky and sweet and delicious, and the black base is strong and malty. Delicious!
A Comforting Cup
Reviewed by Josie on 1/22/13
I love black tea with milk, so I was very excited to try this tea. It has a wonderful sweet, fresh milk flavor and is just perfect with a touch of milk and a little sweetener. It is also creamy and is perfect for a cold winter's day!
An easier but just as delicious Milk Tea!
Reviewed by Charis on 12/22/12
I was generously given a sample of this tea from a friend, and I know that I'll be back to buy a full size when this runs out! I love a good milk tea, and this tea captures it perfectly! No need to add any extra milk or sugar, the flavors are already there. Highly recommended.
Unusual and tasty!
Reviewed by gmathis on 12/18/12
I love the smell of fresh Carnation or Eagle Brand canned milk when I'm baking. This tea mimics it accurately. It's sweet, creamy, tasty, and still has enough of a black tea kick to do well for breakfast.
What a cup
Reviewed by Phil W. on 7/23/12
I love your milk black tea. It's strong but the infusion of milk really comes through and takes the edge off. What you get is a seemingly creamy cup of tea. Delicious with a little sugar.
Good and nice caffeine boost
Reviewed by J. Paul on 5/9/12
I'm a big fan of your Milk Oolong so I thought I'd try this one. The black tea definitely makes this a stronger heavier drink but still quite good. A nice change if I want an extra caffeine boost.
Reviewed by Hooked on Tea on 8/1/11
This tea is amazing. I love milk in my tea and never imagined that it would taste the same. Well it didn't, it was better. I tried it at a friends house and fell in love.
Tea + Milk = WOW
Reviewed by Renee on 6/15/11
I am not a tea with milk drinker. But when I tried the black milk tea, I was amazed. It was so rich and creamy and fresh. I am still in shock at how fabulous this tea is.
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