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Strawberry Black Tea

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Strawberry Black Tea is our select striped Yunnan Black Tea leaves infused with bright refreshing strawberry. First cultivated in the 18th century, the strawberry has been savored for its characteristic scent, bright red color, juicy texture and sweetness. When infused, the tea liquid is bright agate, a brown-red hue. The tea has a subtle aroma and flavor when hot, but a slightly stronger aroma and sweet flavor once it has cooled making our Strawberry Black Tea a treat served year round.

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  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Well-known to revitalize, invigorate, energize the senses




High Caffeine Tea

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dina on 12/7/13
I love black tea, and this one is very pleasant with a hint of strawberry. It was great.
Reviewed by Melanie on 2/26/12
I don't usually like flavored black teas, but this was was quite good!
it's wonderful
Reviewed by Corinne on 2/25/12
This tea smells like big juicy strawberries. It is a good flavored tea and I am excited to mix it with some of the other flavored teas (cream, vanilla, etc.).
Great Iced
Reviewed by Margaret on 2/25/12
This tea was a hit in our household this summer. We served it iced nearly every day. As an added bonus it kept our kids away away from sugary soft drinks -- they loved this tea as much as we did.
Reviewed by Leslie on 2/24/12
A great aroma and nicely sweet. The strawberry contrasts nicely with the strong black tea.
Reviewed by Arkadiy on 2/23/12
No surprizes, a very pleasant strawberry flavor, not over the top or too sweet.
Reviewed by Patricia on 2/23/12
This is one of my favorite teas ever! I add lots of cream to create a Strawberries & Cream delight!
Love it
Reviewed by Joelle on 2/22/12
I love this iced. Well, I love it hot, too. The fact is, I just love this tea. I feel like I am a little kid in the strawberry patch with my grandparents.
Pretty good
Reviewed by Sama on 2/19/12
Overall pretty good flavored tea. Tried it both hot and iced. Would order again but only in small quanitities.
Reviewed by Jenna on 2/19/12
This tea is an absolutely delicious! The smell is quite strong, but the finished result is a delicious flavor combination of both strawberry and ceylon, not too much of one or the other.
Stop and smell the strawberry
Reviewed by Anna SLP on 1/18/11
Strawberry black tea is delicious. I enjoy drinking this mix during or after leisurely breakfasts.
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