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Loose Pu-erh Tea

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Loose Pu-erh teas are known to have weight loss properties and can be used in diet and weight management. These select leaves are handpicked, dried, and rolled tightly and neatly into strips. Subsequently, the leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process which makes this a unique, dark tea. The Loose Pu-erh tea has a strong earthy aroma. When infused, the tea leaves are red-brown and the liquid is auburn, with a rich aroma and a refreshingly bold flavor to stimulate movement and circulation.

Puerh Tea Instructions



  • Recommended by Dr.OZ
  • shrinks fat cells
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular healh
  • Promotes and soothes digestion
  • Stimulates weight loss and aids with weight reduction



High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Michelle on 7/1/12
Brand and quality DOES matter! This tea has a delightful taste. I will be a regular customer. Delicious!
Love this.
Reviewed by Ash on 6/27/12
I love tea, so I was really excited to try pu'erh. The first day I tried it, I swear I have never felt so energized. I didn't have a crash all through the day, as I usually do if I drink coffee. I feel so good when I drink it that it has become a regular purchase for me. Very happy with this product. (:
Very smooth
Reviewed by MAGGIE on 6/11/12
I got mine 3 days ago I've noticed how Dr.Oz was right about the weight lose, first in inches. WILL BECOME A REGULAR CUSTOMER
Very smooth and tasty
Reviewed by Dory on 3/14/12
Just received mine. It was very good, has a nice taste! I bought mine loose, very easy to steep with a infuser spoon. I will definitely be ordering again.
strong and smooth
Reviewed by Gracine on 5/19/11
A nice and strong tea. very pleasant and refreshing.
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