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Ginseng Oolong Tea

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Ginseng Oolong Tea takes loose oolong leaves and blends them with ginseng. The oolong tea leaves are mixed with powdered Ginseng and Liquorice Grass, naturally withered under the strong sun, oxidized, and then wrap rolled into granular shape. The many health benefits associated with Ginseng Ooolong Tea include lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels and an increase in both physical and mental stamina. Our Ginseng Oolong tea has a bouquet aroma and a sweet, fruity flavor that can be served hot or cold.

Oolong Tea Instructions



  • Promotes liver health
  • Promotes dental health
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Good source of the amino acid GABA
  • Cool and refreshing for ease from summer heat and fever



Medium Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by JAMES on 6/14/14
Unique and delicious! I haven't seen this tea anywhere..
Reviewed by C B on 1/11/13
I picked these interesting little green stones because I’ve never seen any tea like this before. This is little oolong bundles wrapped in powdered ginseng and liquorice grass. They reminded me of the rock tumbler toy I had as a kid, where ordinary looking rocks are tossed around in a toy tumbler and out come colorful gems! (I tried to link to an example but it doesn’t seem to be working.) The smell of the leaves is very grassy and oaty. The taste is exactly the same in the best possible way, but after the sip, there is a unique slightly spicy sweetness that is probably mostly the liquorice but might also be an awesome combination of the oolong and the liquorice grass… and maybe the ginseng… not sure what that is supposed to taste like! I wanted to gulp it right down. The steep color was a golden color, but the second cup was much darker. With the second steep, I used just boiled water for five minutes and a ton more of the liquorice flavor made itself known. And much like the rock tumbler toy, the leaves are like little shells with precious oolong inside, the outer coating kind of crumbles apart to reveal the oolong. It’s amazing this tea seems so simple yet is so tasty and addictive! It also looks like there are a ton of health benefits for this one. I can’t wait to try this tea with a brew basket I’m planning on buying. I think this tea would really benefit with room to stretch out, rather than being crammed in my tea dipper. The oolong leaves were still curled up in my infuser! Very nice choice and the price is great!
Reviewed by Kevin on 6/9/11
I'm very particular about my tea and this tea definitely rates among my favorites. I highly recommend everyone to try this if you fancy yourself as a tea connoisseur or if you are just looking for a refreshing and a relaxing hot beverage to enjoy yourself with. Definitely a must try!
Interesting Tea
Reviewed by Carol on 5/24/11
This is high-quality green oolong with a refreshing, naturally sweet flavor. the nuttiness of the oolong really compliments the taste of ginseng! Holds up to several steeps.
Favorite tea
Reviewed by Elisabeth on 3/28/11
I love oolong tea and this is one of my favorites. You can tell it is a good quality tea. My husband would buy me tea in China and this comes very close to the teas he would buy in their tea shops. I'm already on my second bag!
Very good tea
Reviewed by Jack on 3/15/11
I had some ginseng oolong while studying abroad in China and came back to the states longing for it. I was excited to try this and it is a very good tea but it is not exactly like the tea I had before, which was like instant exhilaration. Well worth the price though and I will likely buy it again. Thank you.
Tea for any occasion
Reviewed by Lauren on 12/23/10
The Ginseng Oolong is sweet and delicious. I enjoy drinking this tea when its hot and when its cold. It is refreshing and light.
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