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Bergamot Green Tea

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Bergamot Green Tea is a select Sencha green tea with genuine, dried pieces of bergamot. The Sencha tea leaves are green and have a flat, smooth, and narrow body. Bergamot, a “Chinese bitter orange,” is a citrus aurantium, a type of citrus fruit that is yellow in color with a pleasant fragrance and sour, sweet taste. When infused, the tea liquid is light yellow. Naturally fortified with antioxidants, our Bergamot Green Tea is potent with a citrusy aroma and a bold and stimulating flavor. With a hint of muscatel, this tea has a pleasantly dry finish you are sure to enjoy.

Green Tea Instructions



  • Promotes skin health
  • High levels of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Cool and refreshing to ease summer heat & fever
  • May impede the growth of certain forms of cancer



Medium Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lazey on 1/22/13
Hints of bergamot, but more vegetal than citrus with an almost peppery after taste. The bergamot becomes more noticeable as the tea cools. Some sugar might help bring out the citrus taste but it is fine alone.
Completely Unexpected
Reviewed by KS on 12/21/12
This is not the bright citrusy earl green I was expecting. It is someting completely unique and interesting. The sencha and bergamot meld together seanlessly. The result is a nice green with light citrus but with peppery notes. Spicy without the heat. The other reviews didn't record it this way but that's my take on this one.
Great quality at a great price
Reviewed by Nancy on 5/7/12
A friend of mine brewed a pot from a free sample she received from you. As an avid earl grey drinker i was very pleasantly suprised at the quality of your bergamot green tea at this price. What a treat. The green tea is blended well with the bergamot so the flavor is even on the palate. A new favorite.
A wonderful blend
Reviewed by Lloyd on 5/2/12
The first thing i noticed was a toasty citrus aroma that was faintly sweet and pleasant. The bergamot gives the tea a slight tang that compliments the green tea nicely.
LOVE it !
Reviewed by April on 1/6/12
We love this one so much that we reordered it. We love Earl Grey tea , so this seemed a good choice and it proved to be true. The flavor of the green tea and bergamot blend PERFECTLY smooth and if you love Earl Grey , treat yourself to some of this.
Strong and Dry
Reviewed by Kurt on 4/18/11
The Bergamot Green Tea is a very good tasting tea. It has a lemony scent and strong taste with a dry finish.
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