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Lavender Herbal Tea

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Lavender Herbal Tea consists of small, dry, purple flowers with an invigorating floral fragrance. Lavender has been known to hold a wide range of medicinal benefits. Drinking lavender tea can be beneficial in reducing headache pain and improving quality of sleep by helping to relax and slow the nervous system and ease the stress of a hectic day. When infused, the dried lavender buds bloom in your cup, releasing a soothing aroma and provide a relaxing slightly sweet liquid. Enjoy our naturally decaffeinated Lavender Herbal Tea any time you desire a break from a hectic day.

Herbal Tea Instructions



  • Known to help relieve headaches
  • Known to help soothe an upset stomach
  • associated with relaxation and serenity
  • can help ease the symptoms of stress, fatigue and headaches



Caffeine Free Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Summer F. on 5/6/12
This lavender herbal tea is delicious. The beautiful purple lavender has such an intoxicating aroma the minute you open the bag. The flavor is as good as any lavender teas I have had before. What a way to end my day.
You will come back for sip after sip
Reviewed by Veronica A. on 5/1/12
I've never had lavender tea before and I was very pleasantly surprised at the similarity in flavor to rosemary. I think the difference here is there is a faint floral sweetness in the flavor that I don't find in rosemary. The aftertaste of this tea is sweet and it will make you go back for sip after sip. Just be careful not to let it steep too long or the floral quality will become overpowering on your taste buds.
I'll come back for this one
Reviewed by Coffee Drinker on 4/20/12
My wife and I tried some of this lavender tea last night and I must say it tasted pretty good. I'm a coffee drinker but I thought I'd see what my wife was raving about. It reminded me a little of rosemary only it wasn't savory. The natural sweetness to the tea was delightful. And without the caffeine in an evening cup of coffee I noticed I slept a little better. I will definitely have this again.
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