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Soothing Charm Throat Tea

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Soothing Charm Throat Tea is a blend of chamomile flower, rosehip, peppermint leaf and lemon peel expertly combined to give you a boost of all the right stuff. Our tea provides you with a double dose of vitamin C from natural pieces of lemon and rosehip. We then mix in the throat soothing comfort of peppermint leaf and wrap it all up in a hug of calming chamomile. Treat yourself right this cold and flu season with a hot cup of Soothing Charm Throat Tea.

Herbal Tea Instructions



  • High in Vitamin C
  • Natural decongestant
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Aids in soothing sore throats
  • Relaxes the brain and nervous system



Caffeine Free Tea

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Customer Reviews

Nice flavor combination
Reviewed by Patty on 12/1/13
nice citrus and floral combination. a great tea on a cold evening.
Good for a sick day
Reviewed by Marguerite on 11/19/13
I am not normally a fan of chamomile but my friend had some of this in the office and she had me drink it last time I had a cold. Very soothing on the throat and the other ingredients make the chamomile a little less in my face. I would drink this again when I'm sick.
good herbal tea
Reviewed by thomas on 6/9/13
I enjoyed this tea when I had a cold the other week. I drank several cups throughout the day and it helped with my congestion as well as my throat.
Seems to work
Reviewed by Lazey on 2/7/13
The tea did not fix my sore throat immediately, but the next day my throat was better and my cold was better too, so maybe the tea does work. There are other ingredients in this tea but all I could taste was the chamomile. Chamomile lovers will love this tea.
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