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Chocolate Midnight Black Tea

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Chocolate Midnight Black Tea is an exclusive blend of select Yunnan Black tea infused with natural dried vanilla bean and blended with rich Belgian chocolate. The leaves of the Yunnan black tea are black with golden hairs on the buds that provide a strong invigorating aroma and vivid red liquid. The classic combination of tempting vanilla bean and rich dreamy curls of semisweet Belgian dark chocolate will offer your palate a temptingly sweet treat that will keep you coming back for more.

Black Tea Instructions




  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Well-known to revitalize, invigorate, and energize the senses
  • Chocolate



High Caffeine Tea


*The chocolate used in this product originated from a facility that packages products that may contain milk, nuts, eggs, wheat and soybean
**Ingredients: Dark Chocolate: sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, butter oil (milk), soy lecithin, natural vanilla

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by NS on 4/8/13
This is my third time ordering this tea. It is absolutely delicious! It is full of chocolate shavings and it has a rich chocolate flavor. I sweetened it with a little sugar, added a little half-and-half and topped it off with some whipped cream. It is a great candy bar substitute.
Great chocolate tea
Reviewed by Lazey on 1/22/13
This is a strong tea, but at the same time smooth and slightly creamy (Even without milk). It is very chocolatey, sweet but not too sweet, sugar helps bring out the chocolate flavor even more.
Tasty black
Reviewed by aerrias on 1/17/13
I think yunnan black is my favorite black tea. This Chocolate Midnight uses that as a base and I love it in the Lychee Tea. To me the chocolate is a subtle add of flavor. Definitely bittersweet. A bit of honey or sugar brings out the chocolate taste more. I have a hot water pot and did not have any trouble with the pieces melting away. I don't really taste the vanilla, but that could just be me. I have only had one other black tea with chocolate (also orange), which was quite good. I think this midnight tea is worth trying if you like black teas. Will order more when I run out.
TO DIE FOR! No exaggeration -- easily in my top 10 favorite teas list!
Reviewed by C B on 1/11/13
I knew I would love this tea! Yunnan black tea! Vanilla! Belgian dark chocolate! It’s the perfect combination. I would pick dark chocolate over regular chocolate every time (you know… it’s healthier anyway… I have an excuse!) The chocolate pieces look like little shavings from a giant chocolate bar. The black tea itself looks perfect, definitely “midnight” as the leaves are very dark. The steep color is more red than a pitch black cup of tea. After steeping for five minutes, the cup certainly smelled like chocolate! I peeked in my infuser and most of the chocolate pieces had melted away. With another steep at boiling, it should take care of the rest of the chocolate! I think even if there wasn’t chocolate included, this is the type of tea that would taste a bit like chocolate anyway. It’s very malty! It has the perfect mixture of bitter (the good kind of bitter) and sweet, both from the tea and both from the chocolate. I don’t mean astringency… there is none of that. The vanilla definitely makes itself known too! This was reminiscent of another tea I had… I just can’t remember which one. It might be my beloved Phoenix Pearls from Zen and maybe something else… So so good. I think I might have to order this one when my sample is gone. I’m so glad I got the chance to pick samples from Nature's Tea this time around! thank you! A tea like this just makes my day a little bit better. :D
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