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Organic Iron Buddha
Oolong Tea

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Oolong Tea Instructions


Organic Iron Buddha Hand Oolong Tea are strips of tea leaves with a dark green and black bloom. The leaves are naturally withered under the strong sun, oxidized, and then tightly wrapped and rolled. The Buddha Hand Oolong, so named for the resemblance to the leaves of the fruit tree "Buddha's Hand" or "fingered citron", has a delicate aroma and an audacious flavor that is refreshing when served hot or cold.




  • Promotes liver health
  • Promotes dental health
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Good source of the amino acid GABA
  • Cool and refreshing for ease from summer heat and fever



Medium Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Delicious Full-Flavored Oolong
Reviewed by Casey on 3/13/14
I am a major fan of oolong teas and I have tried a decent variety of them. This one is surprisingly one of my favorites. The flavor is a very well balanced combination of subtle sweetness, umami, and more-than-usual floral notes coming through, which I love. As I'm sipping on a cup of it now, there is actually quite a bit of floral-flavor coming through, I'm not an expert on flowers but it reminds me of the smell of a certain type of tree in bloom and I love it. Of the all of the teas I've tried on the site this one is hands-down the best. I will be ordering a pound and a half with my next order and as long as they keep the price of this tea as fair as it is, I will continue to by it as soon as it runs out.
Fantastic !
Reviewed by April on 3/25/13
I love oolong teas and am always surprised by how the flavors vary among the different types. This one is delightful - smooth , crisp , refreshing with an herbaceous/floral finish ... It reminds me of the scent of gardenias. Highly recommend ; enjoying my second order now ! :)
Palatable with a light finish
Reviewed by Rick W. on 5/1/12
This is a very nice oolong. The tea becomes plump and lush when steeping and the aroma is mild yet fragrant. The flavor is is quite palatable with light finish and no bitterness.
A great summer drink
Reviewed by Hannah K. on 4/20/12
I love this Ooolong iced. It has a very nice flavor that stands up to icing. I look forward to drinking this all summer.
nice and smoth
Reviewed by awsome on 4/1/12
this tea can equal monkey oolong tea for taste and amount of times you can make off of 1 teaspoon
good and tarty
Reviewed by Andrew on 8/1/11
A nice oolong. It is light and smooth with some tarty aftertaste.
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