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*Organic* Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

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Jasmine Silver Needle tea is select white tea blended with jasmine flowers. Silver Needle Tea is harvested for a few days between March and April each year when the buds of the Camellia sinensis plant are still very young. The tea is handpicked and rolled using fresh buds covered with silver hairs and scented with jasmine flowers eight times. Because of the minimal processing of white Silver Needle Tea there are a significant number of antioxidants that stave off bacteria and aide the immune system in fighting viruses and infections. When infused, the leaves are light green and the liquid is light yellow-green. The Jasmine Silver Needle Tea has an enticingly sweet and floral aroma and an audaciously refreshing flavor.

White Tea Instructions


  • Promotes skin health
  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Promotes good oral hygiene
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Aides in the relief of anxiety due to emotional & physical stress
  • Contains antioxidants called polyphenols which may impede the
    growth of certain forms of cancer
  • Contains catechins that trigger the process of weight reduction
    in the body and decrease excess deposits of fat


Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

A rare treat!
Reviewed by Camellia (not sinensis!) on 5/16/13
White tea is a rare find and a good white tea is even rarer so this is a rare treat! - and the jasmine just adds that extra freshness to the earthy delicacy of white tea. As to the jitters from one of the comments, that must have been a too strong brew of green tea as white tea is the lowest in caffeine. I tried and will highly recommend the plain silver needle or the jasmine silver needle too.
Reviewed by Arush on 6/7/12
Greet Tea has so many benefits eiclpsaely for women (as claimed by many doctors and scientist). It is said to be rich of antioxidents and skin toners. Improves digestive process and refreshes with a kick.Jasmine is considered to be better after meal as it helps in speedily digesting food without much labor. Its disadvantages are never described in such reports but as per my own experience, sometimes it makes me feel a little dizzy and restless.
Worth every penny
Reviewed by Ed F. on 3/5/12
My wife and I have been drinking jasmine tea for many years and this silver needle is up there with some of our favorites. Although it's a little pricy I can taste the quality. The jasmine flavor is just right and doesn't hurt the integrity of the white tea. We drink it almost every evening while catching each other up on our days. We look forward to trying some of your other products.
Reviewed by Wendy J. on 3/4/12
After reading the other reviews I figured I should try this tea. I love jasmine and I love white teas. I have to admit this is now on my list of favorite jasmine teas. The white tea works as a clean canvas for the absolutely tantalizing fragrance and flavor of the jasmine. I agree with the one of the other reviewers on the steeping time as well. I think over steeping would be a big no no.
Great Jasmine
Reviewed by Elisabeth on 7/2/11
Absolutely the best jasmine tea I've tasted...well worth the price. Wonderful jasmine scent, light flavor and does not get overpowering.
Reviewed by Laura K. on 3/16/11
This tea is sublime! The jasmine is beautiful and the silver needle supplies a nice subtle background for it. The recommended steeping times worked out great for me. I'm trying to keep my husband, who loves jasmine tea, from discovering this one so he won't drink it all!
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