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Loose Leaf Tea vs. Tea Bags

When most people think of tea, the familiar tea bag comes to mind. However, did you know you are missing out on significant flavor and maximum health benefits by not using loose leaf tea?

Nature’s Tea Leaf teas are made from the highest quality leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis (tea plant) and 100% natural and organic flowers, herbs and spices. The size of the leaves is the first distinction between loose and bagged teas. Our tea is made from both whole and large pieces while the average tea bag product contains tiny pieces of broken leaves and tea fannings (also known as tea dust). When tea leaves are crushed and broken, they tend to lose their natural oils through evaporation and leave a dull and somewhat flavorless tea. In order to create a palatable flavor, chemicals and necessary oils may be added to tea bag teas.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself, the difference between tea bag leaves and loose leaf leaves.

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Bags

Tea Bags

As you can see, the contents of the tea bag have been grinded up finely almost like a powder or dust. It is difficult to imagine that the contents of the tea bag where once whole tea leaves.

When you look at the loose leaf tea, you see natural whole tea leaves. Although the appearance of the tea leaf is an important factor, the space in which the leaves are brewed is also vital to ensure a great cup. Tea leaves require space to enlarge, expand and bloom which does not occur within a tea bag. When loose leaves are steeped in hot water their natural flavors and multitude of nutrients are extracted. This “steeping” process will provide a much more flavorful and healthy cup of tea.

Because we know convenience is a big reason many people haven’t made the switch to loose leaf tea, Nature’s Tea Leaf offers the Infuser Spoon which allows you to quickly make a single cup without having to strain the tea. And the easy to clean design makes it a must have to enjoy loose leaf tea on the go. For those who want to share a cuppa we offer the Nature’s Tea Maker, the perfect way to steep and serve all in one.

Explore where you will find a great selection of loose leaf teas and accessories that will show you that loose leaf tea is and always will be the only choice for making the perfect cup of tea.