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Parsley White Tea

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Parsley White Tea is a well crafted blend of premium white tea and dried parsley. Parsley, is versatile, as it is cultivated as a herb, spice and a vegetable. First grown in ancient Rome and Greece, Parsley made its way to England in the 16th century and to America in the early part of the 19th century. Long before it was used in cooking it was widely appreciated for its medicinal value. Parsley is not only an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants but has properties that reduce inflammation caused by diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. With its significant levels of vitamins A, B9 and K, this wonder herb can aid in the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke while assisting in strengthening teeth and bone composition. Add to this the natural diuretic effects of parsley, this tea will help you to shed unwanted weight, helping the body break down fat by balancing your hormones while increasing metabolism.

Our Parsley White Tea blend has a mild verdant aroma that is reminiscent of a light broth. The white tea brings out the bright fresh flavor of the parsley providing a light and delicious low caffeinated beverage that can be enjoyed any time of day.

White Tea Instructions



  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • High levels of Vitamin C
  • promotes blood circulation
  • Helps reduce upper arm fat
  • helps with edematose conditions
  • helps reduce high blood pressure
  • High levels of Vitamins A, B9 and K
  • helps stimulate the liver and digestion
  • Helps invigorates and increases your awareness



Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

medicinal staple, unsure on taste
Reviewed by Marina on 1/27/13
Great to discover this! a bit bitter for me, tasty as far as healing teas go, would re-order with that intention, safe fever reducers welcome! Curious about culinary uses...will have to explore that!
Mild and brothy
Reviewed by Arianne on 7/23/12
The parsley white tea has a nice mild taste that is almost brothy.
Tea that drinks like a snack
Reviewed by Dennis K. on 5/4/12
This is an interesting idea, parsley tea. It's almost savory which I wasn't sure I would like but I actually really do. The vegetable notes come through nicely and makes this almost feel like a consume or soup. Not very enjoyable at breakfast but very good in the afternoon and evening. It almost feels like a snack because it is savory.
Pleasantly surprised
Reviewed by Laurel N. on 4/30/12
When Dr. Oz said to drink parsley tea I was a bit skeptical but I just tried your parsley white tea and I was very happy with the flavor. When it's dry and even when it has brewed I smell the tea more than the parsley but when I tasted it, it was like a light broth and the parsley really came through. There is no bitterness even if it brews a little too long. Because my tastebuds think it is broth i don't need to add any sweetener or milk.
Better than tea bags
Reviewed by Anna Maria T. on 4/24/12
I am so glad I found this. I tried the parsley tea bags but didn't really like the flavor. The combination with the white tea really makes the parsley pop. It almost had a fresh parsley flavor. It's strange calling it tea because it is so savory but I think it is delicious and I love that there isn't a hint of bitterness. I might drink this even if I didn't want to lose weight.
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