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Mango Pu-erh Tea

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Mango Pu’erh Tea is a tropical infusion of mango with select Pu’erh leaves and a whisper of marigold petals. This unique, dark tea takes on sweet and fruity notes with the unmistakable flavor of luscious mango. Pu’erh is known for its weight loss properties and can be used in diet and weight management. What better way to start your day than with the brightness of ripe mango and the eye opening kick of Pu’erh. Whether served hot or chilled this is a palate pleaser you will want to enjoy again and again.

Puerh Tea Instructions



  • Recommended by Uncle Gee
  • shrinks fat cells
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular healh
  • Promotes and soothes digestion
  • Stimulates weight loss and aids with weight reduction





High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amazing! on 7/16/13
You can't go wrong with this one. The smell and taste is awesome.
mango indeeed
Reviewed by Tea Drunken Fool on 4/29/13
Wow the second I open the Mango Puerh package I got slapped in the face with the sweetest mango scent I've even experienced,

And after tasting it, I swear it felt like a was taken to mango heaven.
Thank you for this!!!!!
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