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Nature's Bloom Pu-erh Tea

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Nature’s Bloom Pu’erh Tea: is the ultimate blend of our select loose Pu’erh leaves expertly combined with our organic Jasmine, Lavender and Rosebud herbal teas. Our Pu’erh is handpicked, dried, and rolled tightly and neatly into strips. Subsequently, the leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process which makes this a unique, dark tea. Our Jasmine buds are beautiful and tight until infused when they burst into a beautiful flower with a lovely and soft fragrance. Lavender is a flower purple in color with an invigorating fragrance and subtle flavor that will linger on the palate. While the third bloom in this one of a kind blend is our Rosebud. A staple of Chinese medicine, Rosebuds have been found to contain vitamin C which boosts the immune system and promotes healthy skin and bones. The marriage of the bold earthy Pu’erh with this fragrant and soothing herbal trio will thrill the palate with a bouquet of flavor that you will enjoy every day of the week.

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  • Recommended by Dr.OZ
  • shrinks fat cells
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Promoted skin health
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular healh
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Know to help relieve headaches
  • Know to help soothe an upset stomach
  • associated with relaxation and serenity
  • Helps Reduce Fat and Cholesterol Absorption
  • Stimulates weight loss and aids with weight reduction
  • Known to revitalize, invigorate, and energize the senses
  • can help ease the symptoms of stress, fatigue and headaches
  • May help prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels and inhibiting blood clots



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Customer Reviews

Beautiful & unique blend! My three favorite flowers for a tea!
Reviewed by C B on 10/4/12
Very excited to try this one! It sounded so unique! It’s like a holy trinity of delicious flowers: lavender, jasmine, and tiny rosebuds.. just gorgeous. All on the base of a pu-erh. It’s kind of like beauty and the beast, since pu-erh is the tea that seems most unfitting with flowers! This is actually the second pu-erh I’ve tried… the first one was a couple days ago. I find that they don’t have too much flavor… a typical black tea has way more flavor. But this is perfect here, as I would much rather be able to appreciate the flowers instead of them being drowned in a black tea. My infuser was FULL of flowers, even though I tried to get as much pu-erh in there as possible. The steep color is a medium brown. The first sip, I get a ton of lavender flavor, which is interesting because I didn’t notice too much lavender in the infuser, but the lavender is delicious. I don’t taste a ton of jasmine and rose, and the second infusion doesn’t have much of them either.. maybe it’s just my palate! Looking at the infused tea, the roses have lost most of their pink color! I’m very happy that hibiscus wasn’t included in this one — it would have ruined it. Another great tea!
Reviewed by Kat on 6/10/12
I enjoyed this tea.
Pu'erh on a whole new level
Reviewed by Shirley T. on 5/3/12
I was happy to see this new Pu'erh. I like plain pu'erh but the addition of the herbal elements really brings the tea to another level. The flavor is mild with a hint of sweetness and floral. A very nice change to my knew weight loss regimen.
A symphony of flavor
Reviewed by Marge T. on 4/4/12
I just received my tea and had to review the Nature's Bloom Pu'erh. I really like your loose pu'erh and i didn't think I would enjoy all of the flowers in this blend. I was wrong. This tea takes the pu'erh to a completely different level. I actually could distinguish each individual flower and the tea as a whole can only be described as a symphony with each component playing its appropriate part. I think anyone who enjoys your pu'erh should try this blend.
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