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Pu-erh Slender Blend
Iced Tea

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Pu’erh Slender Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines our Loose Pu’erh Tea with Lemon, Ginger, Rose Bud and Lavender. Pu’erh Teas are known to have weight loss properties and can be used in diet and weight management. The leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process giving it its unique flavor and rich color. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and provide a natural flavor boost to foods and beverages. Ginger not only adds a sweet and spicy element but has the ability to aide in soothing nausea and mild stomach upset. Beautiful plump and fragrant rose buds add elegance and natural sweetness while the lavender brings all of these flavors together with its soothing aroma and taste that can relieve the stress of any day. Brew, chill and relax with a tall glass of refreshing Loose Pu’erh Slender Blend iced tea.

Iced Puerh Tea Instructions



  • Recommended by Uncle Gee
  • shrinks fat cells
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular healh
  • Promotes and soothes digestion
  • Stimulates weight loss and aids with weight reduction



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Customer Reviews

Not your mom's iced tea
Reviewed by Jenny R. on 9/5/13
Another winning pu'erh from natures tea leaf. This is not your mom's iced tea. So many flavors going on and they all play nicely together. I really love the lavender notes.
Perfect floral iced tea
Reviewed by Tamara on 4/4/13
This blend is perfect for iced tea. The lavender and rose could be overpowering but as an iced tea the blend of flavor is wonderful. A very sophisticated taste for iced tea.
A refreshing pick me up
Reviewed by Tanya J. on 7/16/12
It has been a hot summer so far and the last thing I want in the morning is a hot cup of tea. This Pu'erh iced tea is delicious and refreshing and just the right pick me up.
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