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Jasmine Herbal Tea

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Jasmine Herbal Tea are petite naturally dried jasmine buds which have been known to aid in the improvement of digestion, blood circulation and assist in the acceleration of metabolism. Jasmine tea has long been a staple in China as it can be enjoyed year round. In fact, this flower was highly valued by Chinese royalty and traded along the historical Silk Road. The bright floral aroma of the infused tea combined with its delicate, sweet flavor makes it a delicious addition to any diet.

Herbal Tea Instructions



  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Promotes good oral hygiene
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Helps Reduce Fat and Cholesterol Absorption
  • Known to revitalize, invigorate, and energize the senses
  • Aides in the relief of anxiety due to emotional & physical stress
  • May help prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels and inhibiting blood clots



Caffeine Free Tea

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Customer Reviews

relaxation in a cup
Reviewed by wanda on 8/14/14
light, sweet, floral. the aroma of the steam coming off the cup is heavenly.
Super floral!
Reviewed by Charissa on 2/15/13
Fresh, natural, fragrant jasmine floral tea. Very beautiful appearance as well. Floral tea lovers should try this tea!
Great for mixing
Reviewed by Kathy on 2/7/13
This was too flowery for me straight up, but great mixed with other teas. Not to mention, amazingly beautiful to look at!
So Jasmine
Reviewed by Amy on 7/17/12
I love this jasmine herbal tea. It is so sweet and flavorful. I even enjoy mixing a little into some of my other teas for a little extra flavor.
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