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Organic Passion Flower Tea

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Organic Passion Flower Tea is made from the tall, woody, perennial vine that bears distinctive magenta, blue and white flower petals. Passion flower is native to southeastern parts of the United States and is also cultivated in Europe. The natural properties of passion flower have calming, sleep inducing and muscle spasm relieving effects. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, passion flower is traditionally used to treat anxiety and insomnia and its effects are similar to those of other medicinal herbs such as valerian and kava.

Herbal Tea Instructions



  • Recommended by Dr. Oz   - read more -
  • Eases anxiety
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Aids in the treatment of insomnia



Caffeine Free Tea

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Customer Reviews

Good for sleep
Reviewed by Aimee on 7/2/13
I need a little lemon and honey in this one but it does the trick. I've been drinking 2 cups every night before bed and i am sleeping better.
Feeling rested
Reviewed by Deb R. on 5/26/13
Finally a tea that really does help me relax before bed. Exactly what i need on Sunday night.
Sleeping better
Reviewed by Ryan on 1/15/13
sleeping much better. I noticed after a few days that I wasn't waking up as much during the night. I may try the supplements you have.
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