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Tea Infuser Spoon

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BPA Free

Tea Infuser Spoon is a device in which loose tea leaves are placed for steeping. The tea infuser enables for a simple, clean, and effective way to steep tea, much like a tea bag. The infuser spoon is a two-piece scoop spoon of spherical design with a handle and an easy open/close slide cover that snaps into place to ensure a complete seal. Made of sturdy polycarbonate that is BPA free.


Using Infuser Spoon:

  1. 1. Bring water to the appropriate temperature
  2. 2. Add the appropriate serving of tea to your Infuser Spoon and close spoon
  3. 3. Pour the hot water into your cup
  4. 4. Place the Infuser Spoon into your cup and steep for the recommended time
  5. 5. Remove Infuser Spoon from cup and enjoy


Cleaning & Care:

Open the Infuser Spoon, dump spent leaves, rinse, and allow to dry. Hand wash with mild detergent. Do not place in dishwasher. Do not use in microwave. Do not use on stove-top.



Contents are hot. Always use the attached handle when moving the Infuser Spoon. Use care when removing the Infuser Spoon from cup for it may contain residual liquids. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Great device for steeping loose tea!
Reviewed by Melo on 5/26/12
I thought I had everything cool to make tea but this gadget is superb for steeping loose tea on a cup by cup basis and keeping the leaves from seeping into the brewed tea.
Cool Gadget
Reviewed by Erika on 5/10/12
I can't believe I haven't seen this before. A great gadget to have in the desk drawer at work.
quality made and secure lock
Reviewed by Yvonne on 6/12/11
Whenever I make a single cup of tea, the infuser spoon is the best. It is quality made with a secure lock to keep all of the loose tea in the spoon.
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