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Nature's Tea Maker
16oz / 32oz

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Our Nature’s Tea Maker is the latest product for brewing and serving your Nature’s Tea Leaf teas. Available in two convenient sizes, these remarkable tea makers are constructed with easy brewing in mind. Our Mini Tea Maker is great for home or office use. The infuser basket steeps up to 8oz of liquid at one time while the glass pitcher will hold up to 16oz of steeped tea. The infuser basket in our Family Size Tea Maker steeps up to 16oz of liquid at one time while the glass pitcher holds up to 32oz of steeped tea, making it the perfect choice for hosting a tea party or preparing pitchers of delicious Nature’s Tea Leaf iced teas for the whole family.

Using Nature’s TeaMaker:

  1. 1. Bring water to the appropriate temperature
  2. 2. Add the appropriate serving of tea to the Nature’s TeaMaker
  3. 3. Pour the hot water into your Tea Maker and steep for the recommended time
  4. 4. Press the red button on the lid and watch as your freshly brewed tea fills the bottom of the tea maker while the leaves remain in the infuser basket.

Cleaning & Care:

When ready to clean your Nature’s Tea Maker, just place one finger on each side of the hinge above the handle and, while holding the handle, gently twist to the right. You can lift the infuser basket out for easy cleaning. To reassemble just place the infuser basket back into the tea maker and twist the lid gently to the left to lock it into place. Hand wash with mild detergent. Do not place in dishwasher. Do not use in microwave on stovetop.


Contents are hot. Always use the attached handle when moving the Nature’s TeaMaker Cup. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

perfect for me
Reviewed by Dina on 12/5/13
I ordered the 16oz. and found it very useful and perfect for one person. If I decide to share my tea, I can always order a larger size and be assured that I will receive quality product.
Great and quick.
Reviewed by Donald on 11/7/13
Brews great loose teas of any type. Also very easy to keep clean. It lets me try many different teas. The reason I gave only 4 stars is that the top brewing container has to be filled twice to fill the bottom container, you have to do this to get a full mug. So I would recommend buying the bigger (32oz) tea maker.
Best ever
Reviewed by Melanie on 1/13/13
I recently purchased the 16oz pitcher and I absolutely love it! It's extremely easy to use. Makes the perfect amount for one serving. I plan on buying the 32oz soon so I can brew more for when I have company. Everyone who sees it asks after it. Couldn't be happier!
Love it!
Reviewed by Karen on 11/13/12
Just ordered my second one to have at the office......easiest way to make tea I have ever had.
Makes the perfect serving
Reviewed by Nora on 5/10/12
Since i rarely drink 8 ounces of anything this tea maker is great. It makes a nice 16 ounce serving which fits perfectly into my favorite mug.
Reviewed by Trish on 3/7/12
As a free gift with purchase I really didn't expect much. I love it! I took it to work and can enjoy fresh tea all day. With my next order I plan on buying one for that quick cup at home!
Nice Brewer
Reviewed by Frankie on 2/9/12
This has got to be the easiest tea brewer I have ever used. Will likely be purchasing a few as gifts.
quick and easy
Reviewed by Benjamin on 6/14/11
Very good teamaker. Brews 16oz each time. I am always pressed for time in the morning. The teamaker allows me to brew tea quickly and easily. And the clean up is quick and easy too. And I can easily brew another cup using the same tea.
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