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Tea Sampler Gift Set

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Tea Sampler Gift Set comes with three different loose leaf teas in separate tin containers with a Free Infuser Spoon. The tea sampler box has a great mix of Yunnan Black, Yunnan Green, and Sow Mee White loose leaf teas. Nature’s Tea Leaf Sampler Gift Set is an excellent gift to friends and family, or for yourself. It is also excellent as a starter kit for those who are beginner loose leaf drinkers.


Sampler Gift Set Contents:


Yunnan Green Tea is a high quality leaf that is a tight and fat bud, covered with golden-orange hairs. Yunnan Green Tea has a sweet and pleasant aroma. When infused, the tea liquid is bright green with a stimulating aroma and an intoxicating flavor. However, when infused too long the Yunnan Green Tea can exhibit a bitter or astringent flavor. Drink it hot or cold, it is a cool and refreshing way to ease the heat of summer.

Green Tea Instructions


Yunnan Black Tea is a high-grade loose leaf, black tea. The Yunnan Black tea leaves are fat and tender buds that are tightly curled. The leaves are black with some golden hairs on the buds, and have a strong and invigorating aroma. When infused, the tea leaves are evenly bright and red. The liquid is a bright, reddish-brown color. The Yunnan Black Tea has an energizing and revitalizing aroma and a smooth, rich, and audacious flavor. This tea is strong and rich but very smooth with no astringency..

Black Tea Instructions


Sow Mee White Tea (Longevity Eyebrow White Tea) leaves are naturally withered with deep, olive green buds covered with light, white hairs. When infused, the tea leaves turn lighter in color and the liquid becomes a golden bronze. The Sow Mee White Tea has an uplifting aroma with a stimulating fruity, smooth flavor that is stronger than some white teas and similar to Oolong. Enjoy this delicious and gratifying tea hot or cold at any time of day.

White Tea Instructions


Using Infuser Spoon:


Infuser Spoon is a device in which loose tea leaves are placed for steeping. The tea infuser enables for a simple, clean, and effective way to steep tea, much like a tea bag. The infuser spoon is a 2-piece scoop spoon of spherical design with handle and an easy open/close slide cover that snaps into place to ensure a complete seal. Made of sturdy polycarbonate that is BPA free.


  1. 1. Bring water to the appropriate temperature
  2. 2. Add the appropriate serving of tea to your Infuser Spoon and close spoon
  3. 3. Pour the hot water into your cup
  4. 4. Place the Infuser Spoon into your cup and steep for the recommended time
  5. 5. Remove Infuser Spoon from cup and enjoy


Cleaning & Care:

Open the Infuser Spoon, dump spent leaves, rinse, and allow to dry. Hand wash with mild detergent. Do not place in dishwasher. Do not use in microwave. Do not use on stovetop.



Contents are hot. Always use the attached handle when moving the Infuser Spoon. Use care when removing the Infuser Spoon from cup for it may contain residual liquids. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Great Tea and Value
Reviewed by David on 7/5/11
I bought the sampler gift set for coworkers and myself. We loved them! The white, green, and black teas were excellent and they came in very handy cans that matched everyone's decor. Also the free infuser spoon is excellent and a great deal and combo for new tea comers.
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