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Nature's Tea Leaf presents "The 4 Best Iced Teas For Weight Loss Package" recommended by Dr.Oz for a well balanced Weight Loss Diet. Dr. Oz has a tea for the morning, tea for the afternoon and night, tea is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to lose weight but only if you drink the right kind of tea at the right time. By using Loose Pu'erh in the morning, King Peony White Tea with lunch, Chickweed in the afternoon, and Bilberry in the evening you can actually shrink fat cells and burn blubber.

Joining Dr. Oz is worldwide expert on alternative medicine and host of “Wylde On Health” on ctv in toronto, Bryce Wylde Toronto, Canada for the best teas to drink for weight loss all day long. Timing and tea is an important factor in weight loss, by drinking the right tea at the right time can increase your energy and metabolism in the morning, reduce your stress come lunch time, in the afternoon tea will throw away and metabolize fat, and the evening tea is a craving killer for you.


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Dr. Oz Recommended Use:


Pu-erh Slender Blend Iced Tea

A cup or two of pu'erh in the morning to help shrink fat cells. Scientists have said there is an activating enzyme in this tea that will literally shrink fat cells.

Pu’erh Slender Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines our Loose Pu’erh Tea with Lemon, Ginger, Rose Bud and Lavender. Pu’erh Teas are known to have weight loss properties and can be used in diet and weight management. The leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process giving it its unique flavor and rich color. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and provide a natural flavor boost to foods and beverages. Ginger not only adds a sweet and spicy element but has the ability to aide in soothing nausea and mild stomach upset. Beautiful plump and fragrant rose buds add elegance and natural sweetness while the lavender brings all of these flavors together with its soothing aroma and taste that can relieve the stress of any day. Brew, chill and relax with a tall glass of refreshing Loose Pu’erh Slender Blend iced tea.



  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular health
  • Promotes & soothes digestion
  • promotes loss of body weight
  • Aids in Suppressing total cholesterol
  • found to have antimicrobial properties
  • Aids in lowering levels of triacylglycerol

High Caffeine Tea

Iced Pu'erh Tea Instructions


King Peony Bouquet Blend Iced Tea

Have white tea for lunch — White tea to block fat absorption at lunch, have yourself two cups of white tea to prevent that fat storage from the meal you just ate. Drinking white tea reduces the storage ability of fat getting into fat cells. EGCG is the active ingredient in this tea that will metabolize fat better turning you into a fat burning machine says Bryce. Plus the theanine in tea come lunch time will help reduce stress.

King Peony Bouquet Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines our select King White Peony tea with a bouquet of plump healthy rose buds. King White Peony is the highest grade in the white peony tea family. Our White Peony tea is an early spring tea made of tender, plump needle shaped leaf buds and tender leaves covered with white downy hair and has a fresh aroma and a unique sweet flavor. Combined with beautiful 100% natural whole dried adolescent rose buds, this blend is a slightly sweet and aromatic taste sensation that is not only delicious but is packed with antioxidants and promotes weight loss. Quench your thirst anytime with King Peony Bouquet Blend Iced Tea.



  • Soothes sore throats
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Absorbs toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances
  • Aids in digestive discomfort such as heartburn and IBS
  • Source of magnesium, potassium, calcium and other essential nutrients

Low Caffeine Tea

Iced White Tea Instructions


Chickweed Blaster Blend Iced Tea

Have no more than 1 cup of Chickweed tea to reduce bloating in the afternoon, it is a mild diuretic & laxative tea to help you lose some of the water weight and get rid of what is just sitting around in your bowels.

Chickweed Blaster Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines our Chickweed Tea with real pieces of spicy ginger and zesty lemon. Chickweed Tea is effective in aiding long term weight loss by acting as a mild diuretic to help the body flush excess water and fat from the system. On its own this tea is mellow and herbaceous with a flavor that is verdant and lush. But add to it the vitamin C packed lemon for a tangy zing and sweet & spicy ginger for tantalizing bite and you can add an exciting and delicious change to your daily weight loss regimen.



  • Recommended by Dr.OZ
  • know to help aid digestion
  • promotes loss of body weight
  • Helps flush fat from the system
  • Helps the body flush excess water
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • know to help Relieve skin problems

Caffeine Free Tea

Iced Herbal Tea Instructions


Bilberry Jubilation Blend Iced Tea

Bilberry tea helps to kill cravings in the evening. Bilberries have blood sugar balancing effects which will send you running for that late night snack far less often.

Bilberry Jubilation Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea bland that combines Bilberry Tea with premium Sencha green tea, genuine chamomile flowers and flavorful peppermint leaves. The Sencha tea leaves are green with flat, smooth, and narrow bodies combined with golden chamomile flowers and fresh cut mint leaves that are naturally dried to preserve their flavor. Bilberry Tea is made with only the plump, supple fruit of the bilberry plant and is known to promote weight loss by helping to eliminate food cravings. Our Bilberry Jubilation Blend Iced Tea is a cool and delicious addition to any weight loss regimen.



  • High in Vitamin C
  • Promotes weight loss
  • know to help treat vision problems
  • High level of anthocyanin pigments
  • know to reduce intestinal inflammation
  • Helps reduce the risk of developing glaucoma
  • know to strengthen walls of blood vessels in the eye
  • Daily relief of gastrointestinal problems & aids digestion

Caffeine Low

Iced Herbal Tea Instructions

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Great for summer
Reviewed by Deena on 7/17/12
What a great idea for the summer! I've been enjoying your hot weight loss tea and now I can change it up a little on the hot days.
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