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Organic Bilberry Tea

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Organic Bilberry Herbal Tea is a premium quality naturally decaffeinated tea. As part of the plant family that includes blueberries, cranberries and huckleberries they grow in cool, moderate temperatures, typically in the mountain ranges of the northern and southern hemispheres. The bilberry will produce a single or paired berry as opposed to its cousin the blueberry that produces fruit in clusters. In their fresh form they will appear black with a hint of purple. High in antioxidants, bilberry has been utilized for centuries for aiding in circulation, reducing blood sugar levels and strengthening the blood vessels leading to the eyes. Bilberry Herbal Tea promotes weight loss by helping to eliminate cravings. Unlike our Loose Bilberry Herbal Tea, our Organic Bilberry Herbal Tea is made with only the plump, supple fruit of the bilberry plant resulting in a superior cup of tea that will engage your senses with its pleasant aroma and mild fruity flavor. Loaded with antioxidants and other healthy compounds, Organic Bilberry Herbal Tea is a palate pleaser to be enjoyed hot or chilled.

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  • Recommended by Dr. OZ
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Extremely high in Vitamin C
  • know to help treat vision problems
  • High level of anthocyanin pigments
  • know to reduce intestinal inflammation
  • know to reduce the risk of developing glaucoma
  • know to strengthen the walls of blood vessels in the eye
  • Daily relief of gastrointestinal problems and to aids digestion



Caffeine Free Tea

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