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Citrus Spice White
Iced Tea

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Citrus Spice White Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines choice White Peony tea with real pieces of spicy ginger, zesty lemon and fragrant rosemary herbs. Our specially blended iced tea allows the brightness and tanginess of the lemon to soften the distinctive piquant bite of the ginger while allowing the aromatic essence of natural rosemary to shine through. This perfect balance of sweet, spicy, citrus and savory is a taste sensation you will want to experience again and again by the glass or by the pitcher.

Iced White Tea Instructions



  • Soothes sore throats
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Absorbs toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances
  • Aids in digestive discomfort such as heartburn and IBS
  • Source of magnesium, potassium, calcium and other essential nutrients



Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

So savory!
Reviewed by C B on 10/4/12
This is the first iced tea I’ve made! I just brewed it normally and stuck in the fridge for a while. That probably wasn’t the right way to do it! But it seems like I wouldn’t get much flavor if I just steep a tea with cold water. I love the rosemary in this one! It’s very savory and reminded me of Thanksgiving or something! Otherwise, it was very bitter. I’m not sure from what… maybe the lemon? Ginger isn’t really my thing either. I know what the white peony tea should taste like, since I’ve had Teavivre’s, but I couldn’t tell this was a white peony tea upon tasting it.

I decided to also try it as a hot tea with fresh leaves, since I might not be giving it a fair review as an iced tea. I like it better hot! It isn’t bitter at all, like it was when it was cold. The rosemary tasted better (or stronger?) in the iced tea, but while sipping it hot, it was like I was drinking soup! Fun. That’s not something that usually happens when I’m drinking a tea! I’d say the rosemary is the strongest flavor here. This tea is okay, the rosemary definitely helps it, but again, I might not be brewing it right.
Bursting with flavor
Reviewed by George T. on 7/23/12
This iced tea is bursting with fresh flavor. I love the combination of lemon, ginger and rosemary. It's a great treat for the taste buds. If you are looking for an alternative to the usual summer drinks, this one won't disappoint.
Reviewed by Rosa on 7/17/12
Delicious and refreshing. A real change from the usual iced powder mixes. You can really taste the difference.
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