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King Peony Bouquet Blend
Iced Tea

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King Peony Bouquet Blend Iced Tea is an exclusive iced tea blend that combines our select King White Peony tea with a bouquet of plump healthy rose buds. King White Peony is the highest grade in the white peony tea family. Our White Peony tea is an early spring tea made of tender, plump needle shaped leaf buds and tender leaves covered with white downy hair and has a fresh aroma and a unique sweet flavor. Combined with beautiful 100% natural whole dried adolescent rose buds, this blend is a slightly sweet and aromatic taste sensation that is not only delicious but is packed with antioxidants and promotes weight loss. Quench your thirst anytime with King Peony Bouquet Blend Iced Tea.

Iced White Tea Instructions



  • Soothes sore throats
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Absorbs toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances
  • Aids in digestive discomfort such as heartburn and IBS
  • Source of magnesium, potassium, calcium and other essential nutrients



Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Delicious beverage
Reviewed by Lorraine on 7/23/12
Delicious and floral. A refreshing summer treat.
Reviewed by Constance on 7/17/12
I enjoy all of your rose teas and this makes a very nice glass of iced tea. Very flavorful and fresh.
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