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Mint White Tea

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Mint White Tea consists of select White Peony tea and peppermint leaves. The whole leaf White Peony tea is a strong silver bud tea leaf that is evenly mixed with fresh cut mint leaves that are naturally dried to preserve their flavor. For thousands of years peppermint has been lauded for its calming effect on the muscles and stomach. Peppermint and its active ingredient menthol are also a natural and effective decongestant and can aid in easing the discomfort of a sore throat. When infused, the tea has a subtle aroma with a soothing flavor and a refreshing minty finish that is naturally low in caffeine and is delicious served hot or cold.

White Tea Instructions



  • Promotes skin health
  • Natural decongestant
  • Aide in soothing sore throats
  • Natural source of vitamins A & C
  • Extremely high levels of antioxidants
  • Natural source of manganese & iron
  • May help to improve blood sugar levels
  • May impede the growth of certain forms of cancer



Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Good value for the money
Reviewed by Anabel on 10/12/13
This is a good tea, specially if you like peppermint. It's light and mild, except for the peppermint flavor.
fresh and vibrant
Reviewed by Evalyn on 5/10/12
I've been drinking this tea all winter, it is so inviting and cozy. The mint is fresh and vibrant and really is a soothing cup to have on a chilly night. I can't wait to have it iced this summer.
Relaxing and fresh. Full of flavor
Reviewed by Dana on 5/4/12
As mint tea goes, this one is very nice. The freshness of the mint comes through beautifully and the white tea plays nicely to mellow it out just a bit and give it a unique and relaxing flavor.
Good for a cold
Reviewed by Darren on 3/11/12
Very pleasant refreshing tea. Definitely can taste the fresh mint leaves. I had a cold recently and the steam from the hot mint tea really helped make it a little more bearable. I like a little honey in my tea but it's not bad plain either of you don't like sweets.
Reviewed by Kelly R. on 3/10/12
This is a really good quality mint tea. I've only had mint tea in tea bags and I can really taste the difference in flavor and in aroma. The mint leaves smell so fresh and the taste is clean and refreshing. I tried it once with a little sugar and it was like peppermint candy. My boyfriend isn't a big tea drinker but he really likes this tea iced.
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