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There’s no better way to introduce you to the wonderful and exciting world of loose leaf teas than with our one of a kind New to Tea Variety Pack. Sample some of our most popular teas from 5 of our tea categories. The New to Tea Variety Pack includes our Gunpowder Green, King Peony White, Se Chung Oolong, Heart Shaped Pu’erh and Rosebud Herbal. With so many healthful and delicious choices you are sure to find the tea for you.


King Peony White Tea
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King Peony White TeaGet More Info 

King White Peony tea is a highest grade in the white peony tea family. Our White Peony tea is an early spring tea made of tender, plump needle shaped leaf buds and tender leaves covered with white downy hair and has a fresh aroma and a unique sweet flavor. The King White Peony Tea has delicate aroma and a fruity aftertaste.

  • Promotes skin health
  • Extremely high levels of antioxidants
  • Promotes Weight Loss and aids digestion
Low Caffeine Tea
Rose Bud Herbal Tea
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Rose Bud Herbal TeaGet More Info 

Rose Bud Herbal Tea is 100% natural whole dried rose buds harvested in their adolescent stage. The tea leaves are deep, olive green and have a natural shape with bright, plump, healthy rose buds. Rosebuds have been found to contain vitamin C which has been shown to boost the immune system and promote healthy skin and bones.

  • High in Vitamin C
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes digestive health
Caffeine Free Tea
Heart Shaped Pu-erh Tea
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Heart Shaped Pu-erh TeaGet More Info 

Heart Shape Pu'erh leaves are handpicked, dried, and tightly rolled. The leaves are compressed by a heart-shaped lever press that is manually operated for tight pressings. When infused, the heart shape disperses into dark, red-brown loose leaves, with a rich aroma and a refreshingly flavor to stimulate movement and circulation.

  • Boosts immune system
  • aids with weight reduction
  • Promotes and soothes digestion
High Caffeine Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea
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Gunpowder Green TeaGet More Info 

Gunpowder Green Tea consists of tea leaves that are hand rolled, withered, steamed, rerolled into pellet form and then dried. This fresh, high quality gunpowder tea consists of small, tightly rolled, shiny pellets. When steeped, watch the pellets unroll into beautiful whole leaves. Gunpowder green tea has a soft aroma and smooth flavor.

  • High levels of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Cool and refreshing to ease summer heat & fever
  • May impede the growth of certain forms of cancer
Medium Caffeine Tea
Se Chung Oolong Tea
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Se Chung Oolong TeaGet More Info 

Se Chung Tea is a blend of several loose-leaf, oolong tea leaves produced from plucks of several different plants. The leaves are naturally withered under the strong sun, oxidized until brown with green highlights, and then wrap rolled into small beads. The Se Chung Oolong tea has a roasted aroma and a thick, woody flavor.

  • Promotes liver health
  • Promotes dental health
  • Promotes balance and harmony
High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Satisfied customer
Reviewed by Melissa on 7/31/14
I've been recommending this package to everyone. Great quality at a fair price. You've found a regular customer.
Top quality
Reviewed by Victor M. on 11/26/13
I'm not new to tea, I just couldn't pass up this selection. A great variety to showcase the quality of your teas.
great service & tasty tea
Reviewed by Debbie K. on 10/9/13
I got my variety pack today. Thank you for the fast service. I have tried the oolong and the white tea so far and they are both very good. I think I prefer the oolong, lots of flavor. Can't wait to try them all.
Great gift idea
Reviewed by Bonnie on 4/21/13
This is a great idea. I ordered one for my mom and my sister so they could see how great loose tea is. They are both pretty picky so this variety pack is a good way to start so they can figure out what they like.
Perfect for the newbie
Reviewed by Jennifer on 1/3/13
I am new to tea and I was really happy to see you had this sampler. After trying all the teas I have a much better idea about the different types. Thank you!!
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