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Rosemary White Tea

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Rosemary white tea is an exceptional blend of rosemary herbs and premium white peony tea leaves. Rosemary tea is a good source of many vitamins including B1, B12 and Niacin. Rosemary increases blood circulation and refreshes & energizes the mind, warming the body from the inside out. It has long been a staple in aromatherapy bringing vitality, optimism and a restful sleep. Our Rosemary White Tea has a delightful scent with a unique and almost sweet flavor and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

White Tea Instructions



  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • promotes blood circulation
  • helps promote good breath
  • Source of B1, B12, and Niacin
  • helps tone up the blood vessels
  • helps stimulate the liver and digestion
  • Helps invigorates and increases your awareness



Low Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dina on 12/7/13
I received this as a free gift and the sample was much larger than I thought. It was very nice!
great with chicken
Reviewed by Tanya on 10/16/13
just got this as a free sample. It has such a nice fragrance i made a pot with dinner and what a great accompaniment to my roast chicken.
Healthy and tasty
Reviewed by Bobby J. on 5/4/12
I never knew there were so many health benefits in rosemary. Thank you for the free sample because I don't think I would have tried it any other way. It was tasty and familiar and the rosemary actually had a subtle sweetness to it that I didn't realize this herb would have.
Nice depth of flavor
Reviewed by Dave L. on 3/18/12
I like rosemary and I like tea so when I saw that the free gift this month was Rosemary White Tea i was eager to try it. It's good but I think you have to like the flavor of rosemary to truly appreciate the depth of flavor here. I've found this to be a good tea to have with a meal because of the herb flavor of the rosemary.
Delicious and Savory
Reviewed by Rebecca K.. on 3/16/12
I never thought about putting rosemary in tea before. But I tried it and I liked it. As soon as the boiling water hit the tea I could smell that wonderful rosemary scent. The rosemary has a subtle but definite flavor that gets stronger and deeper the longer it steeps. I actually liked mine steeped a couple of minutes more than recommended. The white tea is there so you don't only get the rosemary flavor. I don't know if I would like it iced but it certainly is a great drink on a cool day.
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