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Yunnan Tuo Cha
Pu-erh Tea

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Yunnan Tuo Cha is a select, black pu’erh leaf tea. The Pu’erh leaves are handpicked, dried, and tightly rolled. The leaves are then lightly steamed in perforated cans to make them more soft and earthy, which will allow them to hold together and not crumble during compression. The leaves are tightly packed inside a cloth bag and wrung into a ball, with the extra cloth tied or coiled around it. When it is hand-pressed, this coil produces the indentation at the reverse side of a tea cake. The compressed small, nest shape is placed on latticed shelves to dry after which they are individually hand-wrapped. When infused, the nest shape disperses into dark, red-brown loose leaves and the tea liquid is auburn, with a rich aroma and an earthy, bold flavor to stimulate movement and circulation.

Puerh Tea Instructions



  • Recommended by Dr.OZ
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes vascular healh
  • Promotes and soothes digestion
  • Stimulates weight loss and aids with weight reduction



High Caffeine Tea

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Customer Reviews

Tasty and convenient
Reviewed by Curtis on 5/10/12
Excellent quality pu'erh and the individually wrapped pieces are convenient.
Loved it!
Reviewed by Phlliy on 3/7/12
I'm not ususlly a tea drinker, but enjoyed it a lot!!
Lovely Tea
Reviewed by Frankie on 2/9/12
This tea is very smooth and just downright enjoyable. It has a beautiful color when brewed and I agree that it is the perfect "wake me up" in the morning and a lovely start to the day. I bought the 48 pcs. I will likely purchase this tea again.
LOVE this ...
Reviewed by April on 1/6/12
We enjoy this tea very much. It's a wonderful after-dinner tea to enjoy , and it has a fairly strong flavor that reminds me of Pau D' Arco - which for those who don't know , is derived from the inner bark of a certain tree - but it has a very smooth finish with NO bitterness and tastes clean. I liked it so much that I ordered more , just went with the loose type this time. :)
Will be back many times
Reviewed by jmhlawrence on 11/22/11
I recently received my order of 24 pieces in a very timely manner and find it to be a wonderful, smooth pu'ehr. Since drinking pu'ehr on a consistent basis over the past year, and continuing to exercise, my cholesterol has dropped considerably. We drink Pu'ehr everyday several times a day and now we have found an excellent source!
Reviewed by Deneen on 11/18/11
This is a wonderful & very smooth tea. It does not have the bite that some other teas have. Great substitute for coffee! Can be used a few times over with the same great taste every time. No bad after taste!
eye opening
Reviewed by Cheryl on 5/6/11
This tea has a strong scent and taste. Very good after heavy meals or mornings that need an extra kick to your gear. I makes me feel refreshed all day and does not leave me burnt or jittery like coffee.
Rich and Light
Reviewed by Brian on 2/21/11
This tea is excellent. It has a rich flavor and goes down nice and smooth.
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